Welcome to Riverview Church!


Sunday Services: 9:00am and 10:30am




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How to Prepare

  • Please stay home if you are not feeling well or are sick in any way.
  • Feel free to stay home if you are in a vulnerable group or around others that are
  • Online services will continue to be offered
  • Feel free to bring and wear your own facemask if you prefer to wear one

What to expect when arriving

  • No food or coffee offered inside – feel free to bring your own
  • No children’s bags will be provided.  Please bring your own coloring supplies for your children.
  • Use hand sanitizer when entering the building
  • Family units please sit together and keep 3 seats between each family unit
  • We have a Nursery downstairs for ages 0 – 3 years.  Please pick up your child promptly after the church service.
  • Sunday School will be offered during the second service starting October 11th.
  • Use offering boxes at the front of the sanctuary, entryway, and activity center.  We will not be passing offering plates
  • Although we will be excited to see each other, please avoid handshakes, hugs and other physical contact.
  • Please leave the church building promptly after the service.
  • Feel free to visit in the parking areas with appropriate physical distancing.

Upcoming Events